Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

Injured? in Pain? We are cash based physical therapy clinic with guaranteed 1 on 1 hour long treatments, always. No Physician Referral Needed. We offer in home services, and after hours Evaluation and Consultations as well.

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Movement Analysis and Performance Training

Do you want to take your Training to the next level? Are you on the cusp of leveling up in your sport and you just need that little edge to make it over the top?

We perform individualized Movement Analysis to take your technique to that next level.


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Pain Management and Education

Struggling with Chronic Pain?

Did you know that pain can be linked to non structural reasons? That means that pain is multifactoral and my not be do to a physical Injury?

Want to learn more about how to manage your pain?

We utilize education and movement to manage chronic and acute cases of pain!


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Movement Seminar

Movement. Stability. Bracing. Breathing.

These terms that widely used in the fitness world. What do they mean? How do they apply to you? To Us? Which is more important? How can we integrate them into our training appropriately?

In our Seminar we answer these questions and give instructions on how to identify and correct these issues.

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The Movement Dr. is a cash based physical therapy clinic providing a unique Rehab experience, with guaranteed 1-on-1 care hour long care. No more receiving exercise instruction from across the clinic while your therapist is treating multiple patients at the same time.

The goal of TMD is to provide a lasting solution to reduce pain, through improving movement and posture during daily life and active life. We enter a contract with you, the patient, and not the insurance company. By deciding to provide care in this manner, you and I control your healing process and not your Insurance Company.



Are you finished with Physical Therapy but not quiet ready for full activity yet? Well our Cash based model means we fill the gap from rehab back to "play".

Going along with our Movement based approach, TMD offer's Health and Wellness programs including online programming for Post Rehab exercise and one-on-one Private Programming and Private Training.