The Movement Dr.

The Movement Dr. is a physical therapy clinic that offers in-person and remote physical therapy, remote rehabilitation, personal training, and remote coaching.

At The Movement Dr., there is no physician referral's required and it is a cash-based physical therapy clinic, so you are not bound by your insurance's opinion on how to recover.

If you are experiencing any chronic pain or going through an injury, The Movement Dr. can help you understand your pain, the recovery process, and get you back to your pain-free independence.

Meet our team below, Dr. CJ DePalma, PT and Dr. Joe Camoratto, PT.

The Approach

ReThink Your Rehab

We will listen to you, the patient, tell your story in its entirety. Your viewpoint and your history are as important, if not more, as any physical evaluation itself.

At The Movement Dr., we have a different approach to treating pain and injuries. We focus on education first to create the right mindset while utilizing movement as our intervention.

Society has been fed a lie that pain = injury. Pain has multiple factors, and biological reasons are only a small portion. Your mindset, your knowledge, what your physician has said, and what you have read on Google will all influence your pain.

During an evaluation with one of the doctors at The Movement Dr., you will go through an education process, learning about pain and injury from an evidence-based approach.

Once we have tied your story together, gone through the education process, and formed a rehabilitation plan together, we will begin our movement-based approach to improving your pain.

By modifying movement and slowly integrating exercises back into your routine, we can slowly adapt you to the increased activity while subsequently reducing your pain.

After the initial evaluation, you will have the tools and knowledge to manage your rehabilitation process while not physically in the clinic. This approach allows you to retain your independence and have no need for constant care, which calls for fewer visits and a faster recovery.

Dr. CJ DePalma performing a ring dip.
Dr. CJ DePalma, The Movement Dr.


Meet Dr. CJ DePalma

Dr. CJ DePalma is the owner of The Movement Dr., and is located in Pensacola, Florida. He specializes in pain management and rehabilitation through a unique approach of education and movement and has experience treating patients from chronic pain patients who struggle with daily activities to CrossFit Games Champions.

CJ's Story

"The Movement Dr. began because while in school, I was unhappy with my clinical rotations and what I saw in traditional Outpatient Physical Therapy. The requirement to see multiple patients at a time while sitting in front of a computer screen doing notes made me feel like I was handcuffed into providing subpar care. 

I had a vision of a movement-based approach to treat everyone and all pathologies, with an emphasis on patient independence, and education. I give the patient the information and tools they need to get better on their own. By doing so, we see each other less often and have quicker results.

You will never walk into my clinic and be told to stop activity. Here we modify everything so we can keep moving."

-Dr. CJ DePalma

Dr. Joe Camoratto, The Movement Dr.


Meet Dr. Joe Camoratto

Dr. Joseph Camoratto is a Doctor of Physical Therapy currently located in Eastampton, New Jersey.

He attended a 6 year accelerated DPT program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania achieving bachelor's degrees in both Biology and Health Sciences along with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

He took his talents in physical therapy to the United States Air Force for 2 years as a civilian contractor aiding in mission readiness as well as aiding airmen to get back to and keep their training status while stateside.

Currently passionate about powerlifting, he aspires to compete locally and possibly nationally with the right mix of training stimulus, free time, and determination.

Within the last two years, he has achieved a CrossFit Level 1 certification that has helped in rehabbing athletes and those looking to return to competition.

His self-education interests include pain literature, cognitive science, strength application in rehabilitation, and psychology.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, offroading, rebuilding a V8 engine in his garage spending time with his girlfriend Eve.

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