Busting Movement & Pain Myths | Series with Dr. DePalma and Dr. Camoratto

by | Dec 22, 2018 | 0 comments

I have teamed up with Dr. Joe Camoratto to address many myths that we and our patients have encountered in the rehab industry.

These myths are some of the most common beliefs in rehab. Much of what the industry “knows” is not what evidence backs up today.

We will be covering the following myths and what the truth is according to what evidence points us to now:

Have you ever heard any one of these myths? Be sure to read what we have to say about each by clicking on the myths listed above, as they are released.

Think you have been told another myth not covered? Get in touch with me today to learn the truth or comment below and we will address it.

The Movement Dr. is here to educate, empower, create independence and resilience so that you can “ReThink Your Rehab” and outwork everyone!

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