TMD’s Podcast | Golden Nuggets: Episode 13 – Dr. Zak Gabor – 1 Weird Trick For Saving The World!

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Dr. Joe is joined by Dr. Zak Gabor, one of the founders of The Level Up Initiative as well as CALU which are one in the same regarding platforms bent on trying to make positive change in the rehab career field, focusing on growth mindset, critical thinking and communication skills. All for Free.99! Zak and I chat about things like how to interact with people/clinicians we disagree with, the “new wave” of clinicians being churned out of school and how to implement a pyramid scheme of positive change!

Follow Dr. Zak at the following!
Instagram: @thelevelupinitiative@zakgabor.dpt
Facebook: The CALU Community
Interwebz: The Level Up Initiative

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Training Through Pain

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