“Foam Rolling Breaks up Fascia” | Busting Movement & Pain Myths | Series with Dr. DePalma and Dr. Camoratto

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Everyone is told that foam rolling and manual therapy breaks up tissue, however the evidence says otherwise.

The amount of force needed to manipulate fascia borders on 8000 N of force, which is equivalent of roughly 1798 lbs. Understanding the amount of force that it actually takes to manipulate fascia, we know that foam rolling does not break up fascia.

We believe is happening from foam rolling is, in short-term, that there is some pain inhibition due to an input (the foam rolling) causing an altered sensation (feeling loose).

Foam rolling has its benefits, but according to the evidence it does not break up fascia or have the same effect as we, in the rehab industry, once thought.

To see the referenced evidence view the source listed at the bottom.

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Chaudhry H, et al. Three-dimensional mathematical model for deformation of human fasciae in manual therapy. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 2008.

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