Physical Therapist:
Dr. Joe CamoRATTO, PT, CF-L1

Meet Dr. Joe Camoratto, PT

Dr. Joseph Camoratto is a Doctor of Physical Therapy currently located in Eastampton, New Jersey.

He attended a 6 year accelerated DPT program at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania achieving bachelor’s degrees in both Biology and Health Sciences along with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

He took his talents in physical therapy to the United States Air Force for 2 years as a civilian contractor aiding in mission readiness as well as aiding airmen to get back to and keep their training status while stateside.

Currently passionate about powerlifting, he aspires to compete locally and possibly nationally with the right mix of training stimulus, free time, and determination.

Within the last two years, he has achieved a CrossFit Level 1 certification that has helped in rehabbing athletes and those looking to return to competition.

His self-education interests include pain literature, cognitive science, strength application in rehabilitation, and psychology.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking, offroading, rebuilding a V8 engine in his garage spending time with his wife Eve.

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