Physical Therapist:
Dr. Kaley Kania, PT, CF-L2

Meet Dr. Kaley Kania, PT

Dr. Kaley Kania is a Doctor of Physical Therapy currently located in Pensacola, FL. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Florida Southern College.

Prior to becoming a physical therapist, she served as a commissioned officer in the United States Army and coached CrossFit with a CF-L2 certification.

She specializes in working with Crossfitters, olympic weightlifters, and competitive athletes, but has a passion to help anyone motivated to get back to the things they love.

“I have always had a passion for fitness and throughout my time as a coach, I wanted to have a wider skill set to be able to help people through injury rehab and prevention while also helping them reach their health and fitness goals. I truly believe everyone should be able to do what they love and reach their goals without fear of constant pain and injury.” – Dr. Kaley Kania, PT, CF-L2


Dr. Kaley Kania, PT provides in-person physical therapy in Pensacola and remote physical therapy.

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