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Achieving Your Goals With Personalized Virtual Coaching

Whether you are new to working on your health and fitness or are a professional athlete. Remote coaching can be a perfect solution for you. Our programs are completely customized to you and your specific goals by our physical therapists. If you’ve been using a generalized program you have probably obtained generalized improvements or maintained your health. There is nothing wrong with following a generic program, however you may not reach your specific goals. You may face certain challenges, your body responds to stimulus a certain way, have a specific goal in mind that a general program is just not addressing the way you need.

Your goals change and your schedule changes, life just changes! Your customized program can change with you. You reached your weight loss goal and now you want to get your first pull-up. But your weightloss program is done and you don’t know where to begin to finally get that pull-up. As your dedicated remote coach, we communicate with you all of the time about your goals and are developing your program constantly to help you achieve these goals. Maybe your knee aches in specific movement patterns, your sleep skill has been off, you’re just having an off day, or you’re having a great day and feel like crushing even more at the gym, we’ll be there for you in each of these moments to adapt the program while still working to your goals. As physical therapists, we can help you safely navigate a random ache, and even avoid overuse injuries commonly received from people using not tailored programming.  

The benefits behind a custom online fitness program by our physical therapists are endless and always provide greater results to the individuals who use them. 

Acheive Your Exact Fitness Goals

Whether you’re looking to improve your general health, get better at a specific lift or movement, or make it to the CrossFit Games, our remote fitness coaching can help you achieve those goals with extreme focus.

We’re here to help hold you accoutanble as well. With our constant check-ins and communicating we are here to keep you motivated. 

Avoid Injuries

As physical therapists we can help address any issues that arise before they cause a problem, or help you with an injury or chronic pain you’ve had prior to working with us.

Also, with a program tailored to you we can avoid common overuse training injuries others athletes receive by overdoing their training. With our knowledge and communication, we will consistently evaluate how you are feeling, adapting and progressing with the program.


If you’re having an off day, or week we can adjust your program, verus you feeling in the dark following a plan with no support. Even if you want to hit extra accessory work some days, we’ll be here to help you safely and intentionally add the extra load.

Specific cues And Drills

We’ll review your workout videos and give you specific cues on how to adjust or make improvements, or just tell you when you’re absolutely crushing it. We’ll quickly identify areas for improvement, and add drills or accessory work to help too not just overload you with the same cue week after week.

Dedicated Coach

We are passionate about you reaching your goals. You’ll have one of our physical therapists dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. We’ll hold you accountable and take the leg work out of figuring out how to get where you want. Anything you need, we are here for you.

Our Remote Fitness Coaching Services

Technology has made working with clients and athletes around the world easy! First we like to do a video chat with for our initial consultations to learn all about you, your experience, your goals, and more. We’ll get you set up on very user friendly app that we communicate with you on and deliver you your programming. You’ll see your daily programming, can make notes and upload videos of your workouts directly to the app. In the app we can make comments on your notes or videos. We even provide video feedback.

On top of the communication in the app, we will hold consistent calls to check in on you and discuss your goals. While the app is very convenient for communication, this is definitely not the only way our clients can reach us. We provide our contact info for our clients and athletes to reach us when necessary.

We tailor your program to what activity you are interested in and the equipment available to you.

We work with individuals of all ages and all experiences levels and provide a variety of customized online fitness coaching services:


    • General Health & Wellness
    • Injury or Pain Rehabiliation
    • Body Weight Only or Calisthenics Programming
    • Limited Equipment Programming
    • Home Gym Programming
    • CrossFit Programming
    • Competitive CrossFit Programming
    • Olympic Weightlifting Programming
    • Powerlifting Programming
    • Triathlete Programming
    • Road & Trail Runner Programming
    • Gymnastic Skill Progression
    • Body Building Programming
    • Elite Athlete/ Professional Athlete Programming Specific To Sport
Dr. CJ DePalma reviewing remote physical therapy client videos

“Thank you CJ for helping me get rid of my back pain I have had for the last couple of years! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to rehab. I highly recommend him to anyone who is currently dealing with an injury or for anyone who is looking to improve their athletic performance!”

-Nick Unger

“I tore the labrum in my right shoulder. After laying off overhead activity, getting a steroid shot, and completing Physical Therapy, I was still very limited in the gym just the same and had daily pain. I felt surgery was my only option in the long run to get back to doing everything I love. That was the path I was being lead down and believing, although I still wasn’t 100% sold.

Then I heard about and reached out to CJ, thinking it was worth a shot, and I am so grateful I did! I already felt hopeful after our very first meeting due to his optimism and confidence that I COULD get back to doing everything I wanted WITHOUT surgery. One month in working with CJ and complete 180 – I canceled my surgery. I am already improving and have less pain on a daily basis! It had been 3 months of no overhead activity or pull-ups, and one month in I’m doing banded pull-ups and overhead pressing with little to no pain! CJ’s non-traditional model and mindset has helped me have a different perspective altogether.

Now I feel silly for even considering surgery. I wish I would’ve connected with CJ sooner, but I am super stoked about the progress already and excited about what’s to come!”

-Abby Moore

“CJ understands performance and rehab far beyond what your average rehab provider does. If you’re serious about being at your best, he’s the guy to see.”

-Zachary Long

“CJ is always helpful and very knowledgeable. He pushes you to achieve things you didn’t think you could.”

-Carla Gilmore

“CJ is committed to each of his clients. He tailors every session to fit us. He is knowledgeable and always professional. We have been working together on my wellness journey for over 5 years. My goal is to be fit at whatever age I happen to be. Currently, I’m 52 and we are working on a better, more healthy me. I confidently recommend Dr. CJ DePalma.”

-Anita Webb

CJ is the Steve Irwin of PT. He loves and believes in what he does, it shows. He will give you one on one undivided attention until you reach your goals. Be ready to work, he is. But you’ll thank him later. I’d give him an extra star if they had one here. This guy cares??

-Rich Viggiano

“The most effective physical therapy I’ve ever had. In my experience, a family doctor will first tell you to stop being active and “rest” for several weeks before a follow-up appointment where the Dr may then schedule an x-ray or an orthopedic referral. Once you’ve bounced around to several doctor offices, you may be given a referral to a PT who’s simultaneously seeing other patients and who gives you set exercises based off of a pre-made worksheet that’s a cookie-cutter fix to whatever diagnosed problem you may have. The Movement Dr doesn’t seem to have a cookie-cutter worksheet approach, but spends adequate one-on-one time with you to determine the problem, and to best figure out the most efficient means of correcting the problem. I can say that, without a doubt, The Movement Dr provided the most productive and thorough physical therapy sessions this 38-year-old avid athlete as have ever received. I highly recommend The Movement Dr for anyone. He’s knowledgeable, engaged, thorough and I’d even say that he has a meticulous eye for movement. I’d give him 10 stars if Google didn’t limit me to only 5.”

-Joshua Owens

“I came to CJ with acute lower back pain. He did not waste any time in running me through a movement test to diagnose the issue. After explaining to me what was going on, he gave me a simple and thoughtfully designed plan to return to full health. He periodically checked in on me even after we stopped having appointments. As a former collegiate athlete, I can confidently say that his understanding of pain and injuries far surpasses any doctor/physical therapist that I have worked with in the past.”

-Justin Pagila

“CJ helped put my teen athlete on the path to game play absent of the usual knee pain and overuse injuries common in youth soccer.”

-Gregory Baker

“He is one of the most knowledgeable doctors you will find. Dr. DePalma will customize your therapy to get you back to 100%. Trust the process!”

-Harrison Whitehead

“Easy to work with, patient, and helpful! Highly recommend!”

-Patrick Waters

“I developed lower back pain after squatting too heavy too soon. Just a couple months after seeing The Movement Dr. and following the plan he laid out for me, my low back pain is gone and I’m squatting pain-free.”

-Christopher Weaver

“I had broken the 5th metacarpal of my left hand, which controls the rotation of my pinky finger. After surgery, CJ worked with me for several weeks. From barely moving it to being able to make a fist, CJ did an extraordinary job; you can’t even tell it was ever affected. Thanks, CJ!”

-Katie Reeves

“Over a year ago, I started having constant and immense shoulder/neck pain. I had an MRI done but it didn’t show anything conclusive and was told it was an impingement and to have physical therapy. Luckily, The Movement Dr. CJ DePalma was a resident Coach and Physical Therapist at my CrossFit gym. I had been working out for over six years and had never been in pain or injured before, so I was a little freaked out and scared. I think mostly, I was scared that I’d never be able to do what I loved (CrossFit) anymore without pain. But CJ stayed with me, encouraged me to stay positive, and helped me get through and over the pain. We modified movements when needed but I kept on moving. I am very grateful to him for his knowledge, advice, and help. I couldn’t have gotten through it without him. Thanks, Doc!”

-Bridget Granse

“I have gone to The Movement Dr. for three separate issues. One for a sprained wrist, one for a sprained ankle, and the most important one to me was lower back pain due to my job.

I suffered from lower back pain for 3 years before going to the Movement DR and I thought that was just going to be my life from now on. Waking up in pain, and having my legs go numb.

CJ worked with me to modify workouts and exercises to help me strengthen the affected areas. Thanks to the information and hands-on application I haven’t had any back pain since 2017.”


“Super knowledgeable and tailored for athletes and just an overall cool dude. Highly recommend ?”

-Dane Goodwin

“CJ was great to work with! I was having issues with patellar tendinitis in both my knees and he put a detailed plan in place to help me get better. I was able to continue training while rehabbing, which was very important to me. Not only did he help me with my knee issues; but he also coached me up on lifts, gymnastic movements, and workout strategies. If you’re an athlete having some issues, I highly recommend giving CJ a call!”

-Ryan Ware

“The BEST in the area! His approach on recovery is so real and attainable. It enables every client to reach their goals. Thank you, Dr CJ!!! Also, he is amazing with my kids!”

-Dawn Hamil

About The Coaches

At The Movement Dr. we are physical therapists. Generally people think we only work with people when they are hurting. This is largely a misconception because most people’s awareness of physical therapists relates to an outpatient setting, where a doctor has most likely referrred them to a physical therapist. However, we do so much more!

We don’t want to only see hurt people! We like to help people become healthy, which yes of course we work with individuals dealing with injury and chronic pain, but at The Movement Dr. we are also very passionate about fitness. As physical therapists we are the experts of movement! Our knowledge and experience as Doctors of Physical Therapy makes us uniquely qualified in designing highly-personalized fitness programming to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

We have helped individuals get their first pull-ups, run their first 5ks, get conditioned for their sport, become competitive athletes, improve their lifts, increase range of motion, lose weight, and make it to the CrossFit Games. No matter your goals we can help you achieve them!


Dr. Kaley Kania, PT, CF-L2

Dr. CJ DePalma, PT, CSCS, CF-L1

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