TMD’s Podcast | Golden Nuggets: Episode 5 – Claire Zai – Women’s Fitness and Health Considerations

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Drs. Joe and CJ ask Claire Zai of Barbell Medicine questions and get in depth answers about women’s health in the fitness, pregnancy and menstrual cycle realms, coincidentally on National Girls and Women in Sports Day!

Claire is a coach for Barbell Medicine and is currently trying to get into medical school. Claire is passionate about women’s fitness and debunking misinformation around women’s training. Claire also competes in powerlifting at the national level! She is also a big advocate of #BigHoopUterusEnergyInstagram: @claire_barbellmedicine and/or @bullzai_photo
Twitter: @ClaireZai

1. Heterogeneity in resistance training-induced muscle strength and mass responses in men and women of different ages
2. The influence of sex, training intensity, and frequency on muscular adaptations to 40 weeks of resistance exercise in older adults
3. Neuromuscular performance changes throughout the menstrual cycle in physically active females


Training Through Pain

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