TMD’s Podcast | Golden Nuggets: Episode 7 – Ben Cormack – Pain and Patient Centered Care

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Drs. Joe and CJ are graced by Ben Cormack in which they tackle the difficult questions about pain, how to approach patient care as a #wokePT, what self efficacy is and is not, feeling better and value based patient goals.

Ben Cormack is founder and CEO of Cor-Kinetic which is an educational platform that he uses to make waves in the physical therapy/allied rehab community through courses, video lectures, blogs among other things. He is also co-founder of The Better Clinician Project with Adam Meakins, which offers weekly research reviews, weekly rehab reviews, weekly clinical content and guest lectures, to name a few aspects of this educational platform.

Instagram: @corkinetic and @thebetterclinicianproject
Twitter: @corkinetic and @clinicianbetter
Facebook: Ben Cormack and The Better Clinician Project


Training Through Pain

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