TMD’s Podcast | Golden Nuggets: Episode 8 – Dr. Derek Miles – Injury: What it do?

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Drs. Joe and CJ ask Dr. Derek Miles some of the hardest hitting questions to date! What is injury? Can we even define it? How do we go about intervening on it? Can we tell when someone is going to get injured? Whats the best type of knife for releasing fascia away from muscle?

Dr. Derek Miles is a physical therapist on the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab team. He produces fantastic content on pediatric strength training, pain, rehabilitation and critical thinking in regard to all of the above. He also co-teaches the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab seminar when he isn’t busy cooking with adhesions or making presenters question their existence at CSM. Be sure to follow him at the locations below!

Instagram: @derek_barbellmedicine
Twitter: @DMilesPT


Training Through Pain

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