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TMD’s Podcast | Golden Nuggets: Episode 2 – John Flagg

Dr. CJ DePalma, PT, and Dr. Joe Camoratto, PT from The Movement Dr. chat with John Flagg about a variety of topics! They discuss remote coaching, AT and PT, RPE training, and much more.John Flagg is the Wellness Director at Orthopedic and Sports Physical...
Low Back Imaging: What It Doesn’t Tell Us

Low Back Imaging: What It Doesn’t Tell Us

Almost everyone owns a car. Due to the commonality of this occurring in our culture, there is a comparison between our own bodies and these machines, or any machines, in that 1) when something is wrong, we will feel, see, or hear it and 2) once the source of those symptoms are found, replacing the source will fix the problem. It just makes sense, right? Well, there is a problem with this way of thinking.

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